Extant number of specimens(1)of the 5 species of Hawaiian honeyeaters, family Meliphagidae.

Curatorial institutionKaua'i 'Ö'öO'ahu 'Ö'öBishop's 'Ö'öHawai'i 'Ö'öKioeaTotal number
Academy of Natural Sciences (ANS) Philadelphia, PA1 (ss)--14 (13 ss, 1 m)-15
American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) New York34 (33 ss, 1m)2 (ss)11 (ss)24 (ss)1 (ss)72
Auckland Institute and Museum (AIM) Auckland, New Zealand1 (ss)----1
Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum (BPBM) Honolulu, HI24 (21 ss, 3 m)-4 (1 ss, 1 sf, 2 m)29 (25 ss, 4 m)1 (m)58
British Museum of Natural History (BMNH) Tring, England11 (ss)2 (1 ss, 1 m)5 (ss)13 (ss)-31
California Academy of Sciences (CAS) San Francisco---1 (ss)-1
Canterbury Museum (CAM) Christchurch, New Zealand---1 (ss)-1
Carnegie Museum of Natural History (CMNH) Pittsburgh, PA2 (ss)----2
Field Museum of Natural History (FMNH) Chicago, IL-1 (ss)1 (ss)--2
Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg Museum (SMF) Frankfurt, Germany1 (ss)----1
Los Angeles Co. Museum of Natural History (LACM) Los Angeles, CA---2 (m)-2
Merseyside Co. Museums (MCM) Liverpool, England---1 (m)-1
Musee National d'Histoire Naturelle (MNHN) Paris, France3 (ss)1 (ss)-16 (ss)-20
Museum für Naturkunde der Humbolt-Universität (ZMB) Berlin, Germany-2 (ss)---2
Museum of Comparative Zoology (MCZ) Harvard University, Cambridge, MA3 (ss)1 (ss)2 (ss)11 (ss)-17
Museum of New Zealand (MNZ) Wellington1 (ss)----1
Museum of Zoology (MZ) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI1 (ss)----1
Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum (NNM) Leiden, Netherlands3 (2 ss, 1 sk)--2 (ss)-5
National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) Washington, DC7 (6 ss, 1 sk)--16 (15 ss, 1 m)1 (ss)24
Naturhistorisches Museum Wien (NMW) Vienna, Austria-1 (ss)-2 (ss)-3
Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet (NR) Stockholm, Sweden1 (m)-1 (m)1 (m)-3
Peabody Museum (PM) Yale University, New Haven, CT---1 (ss)-1
Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) Toronto10 (ss)-2 (ss)4 (ss)-16
Staatliches Museum für Tierkunde (SMFT) Dresden, Germany1 (ss)--2 (ss)-3
University Museum of Zoology (UMZC) Cambridge University6 (3 ss, 1 m, 2 fp)-3 (ss)9 (8 ss, 1 m)1 (m)19
University of California (UCLA) Los Angeles---1 (ss)-1
University of Washington Burke Museum (UWBM) Seattle1 (ss)----1
Total specimens11110291504304
Study skins (ss)1019251392276
Flat incomplete skins (sf)001001
Skeletons (sk)200002
Fluid preserved (fp)200002
Mounts (m)61311223
Number of institutions with specimens187819427