Type specimens of the 5 Hawaiian honeyeaters.

SpeciesType localityAuthor of type(1)Date describedDate collectedCollectorInstitutionCatalogue numberType designationSex
Kaua'i 'Ö'öKaua'i I.(J. Cassin)1855Between 10 Feb and 16 Mar 1835J. K. TownsendANS18581HolotypeMale
O'ahu 'Ö'öO'ahu I.J. Gould1860--AMNH459300(2)SyntypeMale
O'ahu I.J. Gould1860--BMNH1860.11.26.51SyntypeFemale
Bishop's 'Ö'öMoloka'i I.(W. Rothschild)189326 Dec 1892H. C. PalmerAMNH693923TypeMale
Hawai'i 'Ö'öKona District,(3)Hawai'i I.(B. Merrem)1786Between 17 Jan and 4 Feb 1779(3)Taken on Cook's third voyage to Hawai'i(3)--Type3 ( lost)Male(4)
KioeaHawai'i I.(T. R. Peale)18481840(5)T. R. PealeNMNH15771TypeMale?(6)