Protected areas with presence of Magellanic Tapaculo in Chile and Argentina based on eBird observations.

Name Category Region/Province
Parque Andino Juncal RAMSAR site Valparaíso
Yerba Loca Nature Sanctuary Metropolitana
Río Olivares National Protected Asset Metropolitana
San Francisco de Lagunillas y Quillayal Nature Sanctuary Metropolitana
El Morado Natural Monument Metropolitana
Río Los Cipreses National Reserve O'Higgins
Alto Huemul Nature Sanctuary O'Higgins
Laguna Torca National Reserve Maule
Humedales costeros de Putú-Huenchullamí Nature Sanctuary Maule
Radal Siete Tazas National Park Maule
Altos de Lircay National Reserve Maule
Humedal de Reloca Nature Sanctuary Maule
Bellotos del Melado National Reserve Maule
Los Ruiles National Reserve Maule
Cajón del Río Achibueno Nature Sanctuary Ñuble
Península de Hualpén Nature Sanctuary Bío-Bío
Humedal Los Batros y Laguna Grande Nature Sanctuary Bío-Bío
Nonguén National Reserve Bío-Bío
Laguna del Laja National Park Bío-Bío
El Natri Nature Sanctuary Bío-Bío
Contulmo Natural Monument Bío-Bío
Isla Mocha National Reserve Bío-Bío
Nahuelbuta National Park Bío-Bío | Araucanía
Tolhuaca National Park Araucanía
Malalcahuello National Reserve Araucanía
Alto Bío Bío National Reserve Araucanía
Conguillío National Park Araucanía
Cerro Ñielol Natural Monument Araucanía
Sollipulli National Park Araucanía
Villarrica National Park Araucanía
Villarrica Forest Reserve Araucanía
Huerquehue National Park Araucanía
Río Cruces y Chorocamayo Nature Sanctuary Los Ríos
Carlos Andwandter Nature Sanctuary Los Ríos
Mocho-Choshuenco National Reserve Los Ríos
Alerce Costero National Park Los Ríos
Oncol Private Protected Area Los Ríos
Reserva Costera Valdiviana Private Protected Area Los Ríos
Huilo-Huilo Private Protected Area Los Ríos
Punta Curiñanco Coastal Protected Area Los Ríos
Humedales de Angachilla Nature Sanctuary Los Ríos
Llancahue Nature Sanctuary Los Ríos
Puyehue National Park Los Lagos
Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park Los Lagos
Llanquihue National Reserve Los Lagos
Lahuen Ñadi Natural Monument Los Lagos
Alerce Andino National Park Los Lagos
Humedales del Río Maullín Nature Sanctuary Los Lagos
Hornopirén National Park Los Lagos
Estación Senda Darwin Private Protected Area Los Lagos
Katalapi Private Protected Area Los Lagos
Parque Tantauco Private Protected Area Los Lagos
Pumalín Douglas Tompkins National Park Los Lagos
Tagua Tagua Private Protected Area Los Lagos
El Triwe Private Protected Area Los Lagos
Chiloé National Park Los Lagos
Futaleufú National Reserve Los Lagos
Corcovado National Park Los Lagos
Lago Rosselot Forest Reserve Aysén
Melimoyu National Reserve Aysén
Queulat National Park Aysén
Isla Magdalena National Park Aysén
Las Güaitecas Forest Reserve Aysén
Tamango National Reserve Aysén
Coyhaique Forest Reserve Aysén
Río Simpson National Reserve Aysén
Laguna Caiquenes National Protected Asset Aysén
Dos lagunas Natural Monument Aysén
Cerro Castillo National Reserve Aysén
Laguna San Rafael National Park Aysén
Patagonia National Park Aysén
Bernardo O'Higgins National Park Magallanes
Torres del Paine National Park Magallanes
Cueva del Milodón Natural Monument Magallanes
Kawésqar National Reserve Magallanes
Magallanes National Reserve Magallanes
Laguna Parrillar National Reserve Magallanes
Francisco Coloane Marine Park Magallanes
Karukinka Private Protected Area Magallanes
Isla Carlos III National Protected Asset Magallanes
Los glaciares National Park Magallanes
Alberto de Agostini National Park Magallanes
Alacalufes National Reserve Magallanes
Yendegaia National Park Magallanes
Lanín National Park Neuquén
Nahuel Huapi National Park Neuquén | Río Negro
Los Arrayanes National Park Neuquén
Lago Puelo National Park Chubut
Los Alerces National Park Chubut
Perito Moreno National Park Santa Cruz
Los Glaciares National Park Santa Cruz
Tierra del Fuego National Park Tierra del Fuego