Ornithological Notes

‘Ornithological Notes’ was a feature, first began on HBW Alive, that allowed authors to contribute and publish avian natural history notes. Many of these notes provided research and analysis of vocal differences in birds that supported the taxonomic decision-making of the BirdLife team. Others touched on a broad array of life history topics.

Starting in 2012 and continuing through 2018, 454 Ornithological Notes were published in HBW Alive. These Ornithological Notes are now available on Birds of the World, including their original references, media links, supporting PDF documents, and recommended citations; we have also generated DOI links for each note.

They can be accessed two ways:

1) Search the full list of published notes provided below.
2) Access them from within a species account, where they are present, by clicking the associated “Ornithological Note” link.

We realize this is a very basic way to access and view these notes, but they add important insights and information and wanted to release this feature as soon as possible. Eventually, we hope to develop a more robust way to search the Notes and potentially even contribute new ones in the future.