Birds of the World has a singular and ambitious goal:  Be the definitive resource for the collected knowledge of every bird species in the world.

This scholarly, expansive resource is made possible by the combined intellect of a collective of global ornithology experts that have joined forces to create the world’s leading dynamic and participatory platform for curating and publishing avian life histories and data resources. By consolidating the world’s expertise into a single species account and referencing primary sources, Birds of the World helps advance the field of ornithology and galvanize conservation action. 

As you might expect, the resources needed to build and maintain Birds of the World – to keep 10,906 species accounts and 249 family accounts updated with new information, nuanced with real science, reflective of true nature – are enormous. Regional expertise, born via ­­deep observation of birds in their native habitats and strengthened through painstaking research, fuels the content of these pages.  And though housed and published by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, NY, USA, Birds of the World is the work of many. 

On this page, we will introduce you to the people and partners involved in this project. Expect this partner network to grow, as we are actively engaged in building this ornithology collective. 

Scientific Authors:  We first acknowledge the expertise of more than 2,000 scientific authors who have contributed, either in part or whole, to one or more species accounts. Their biographies are listed on each account. We encourage you to get to know them and to follow and cite their work.


We will update this page as our partnerships grow.