Special Member Access

Birds of the World has special access arrangements with the following member groups:

Cornell Lab of Ornithology members are entitled to receive a discounted subscription price. Send us your Lab ID number and put ‘Lab discount” in the subject line.

We also provide gratis access to Cornell Lab Chairman’s Council members, and to Partner and Leader levels of the Golden-winged Society members (click here). Please contact us [gws@cornell.edu] if you’re interested in advancing the work of the Lab.

  • Golden-wing Society: Partner – $2,500+
  • Golden-wing Society: Leader – $5,000+
  • Chairman’s Council – $10,000

To honor our long association with the American Ornithological Society (AOS) and as a way to thank the greater ornithological community who writes, revises, and contributes to these scientific accounts, current, paid members of AOS receive free access to Birds of the World.  If you have forgotten or do not know your AOS member ID, please contact the AOS business center. Tip: If you recently joined AOS, you might have to wait a few weeks for your ID to be transferred from AOS to Cornell. Sign in here (you will need your AOS member ID and your last name will act as the password but be sure to make the first letter of your last name uppercase).

eBird logoWe appreciate the countless hours birders spend in the field collecting observations and reporting them to eBird. As a measure of thanks, every eBirder that has reported at least 12 x over the last year is entitled to a discounted Birds of the World subscription. Send us your username and a snapshot of your My eBird totals (see below) and write ‘eBird discount” in the subject line. 

My eBird snapshot


Birds of the World Digital Access Scholarships

To ensure that no person is denied access to this invaluable resource, we provide scholarships to qualifying users who cannot afford a subscription plan. Learn more here.