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Blue Mockingbird Melanotis caerulescens

Haley Vaseghi, Carlos A. Soberanes-González, Claudia I. Rodríguez-Flores, and Marîa del Coro Arizmendi
Version: 1.0 — Published December 24, 2014


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Vaseghi, H., C. A. Soberanes-González, C. I. Rodríguez-Flores, and M. d. C. Arizmendi (2014). Blue Mockingbird (Melanotis caerulescens), version 1.0. In Neotropical Birds Online (T. S. Schulenberg, Editor). Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA. https://doi.org/10.2173/nb.blumoc.01