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Long-tailed Potoo Nyctibius aethereus

Sulli Gibson
Version: 1.0 — Published November 14, 2014



Information on the breeding season is only available from Paraguay and French Guiana. In Paraguay, there are observations of a single nest, extending from late August through November, which covered incubation, the nestling period, and the fledging of a juvenile (Madroño and Esquivel 1997); few details of this nest were published, however. The period of these observations coincides with the end of the dry season in Paraguay (Pelletier et al. 2006). Breeding in French Guiana is reported from early July to late September (Pelletier et al. 2006).

Long-tailed Potoo does not construct a nest and instead uses "a slight depression on top of a vertical tree stump, in a snag protruding from a tree trunk, or at the bend of a sloping branch" (Cleere 1998). The clutch consists of one egg with dimensions of 38.2 x 26.0 mm (n = 1; Cleere 1998). Pelletier et al. (2006) observed Long-tailed Potoo nesting two years in a row at the same site, suggesting that suitable nest sites may be a limiting factor.

For other Nyctibius potoos, the incubation period is 3-4 weeks, the fledgling period 7-8 weeks, and a chick will be left unattended at an age of 17-29 days (Cohn-Haft 1999). The reproductive biology of Long-tailed Potoo presumably is similar.

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