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Thick-billed Vireo Vireo crassirostris

Kathryn S. Peiman
Version: 1.0 — Published September 4, 2013


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Photos from this Account

Thick-billed Vireo adult male
Thick-billed Vireo adult female
Thick-billed Vireo adults in full head molt (left: image taken 9/6/2011; middle: image taken 9/9/2011; right: image taken 9/29/2011)
Thick-billed Vireo adult wing molt. Left: before molt (note worn wing coverts)(Image taken 9/4/2011). Right: after molt (all feathers fresh)(Image taken 1/30/2013).
Thick-billed Vireo adult plumage
Thick-billed Vireo adult wing in active molt. (Left: image taken 9/3/2011; Right: image taken 9/29/2012)
Thick-billed Vireo adult gray (image taken 10/18/2012), beige (image taken 11/6/2012), and yellow (image taken 9/6/2012) head
Thick-billed vireo adults with white head feathers (left: image taken 9/18/2010) and with a white primary covert (right: image taken 1/17/2013)
Thick-billed Vireo color-banded male attacking conspecific taxidermy mount
Thick-billed Vireo juvenile head plumage (left; image taken 9/4/2011, right; image taken 9/6/2011)
Thick-billed Vireo juvenile wing (Lef: image taken 9/4/2011; Right: image taken 9/6/2011)
Thick-billed Vireo nestlings in nest
Thick-billed Vireo nestlings in nest
Thick-billed Vireo fledgling
Thick-billed Vireo fledgling
Thick-billed Vireo feeding fledgling
Thick-billed Vireo. From left to right: small (image taken: 1/112013), moderate (image taken: 1/202013), and large (image taken: 10/21/2011) amount of yellow on face
Thick-billed Vireo juvenal plumage
Thick-billed Vireo hatch-year plumage (although technically SY)
Thick-billed vireo mites on head (left: image taken 2/10/2013) and wing (right: image taken 1/30/2013)
Thick-billed vireo white (image taken 1/23/2013), yellowish (image taken 1/19/2013), and yellow breast (image taken 9/9/2011)
Pine forest
Second-growth coppice
Coastal scrub
Old-growth coppice
Thick-billed Vireo eating a Busera simaruba fruit
Newly banded Thick-billed Vireo perched on finger
Thick-billed Vireo hatch-year molt limit. Top Left: s8-9, all median coverts, and inner/middle greater coverts fresh; rest of wing feathers were not replaced (image taken 1/12/2013); Top Right: all wing feathers except s1 and p1 fresh (image taken 10/29/2012); Bottom Left: primary coverts (image taken 9/29/2012); Bottom Right: more typical exmaple of MY molt limit: p6-10 and s7-9, all median and greater coverts, and alula fresh (image taken 1/5/2013)

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Peiman, K. S. (2013). Thick-billed Vireo (Vireo crassirostris), version 1.0. In Neotropical Birds Online (T. S. Schulenberg, Editor). Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA. https://doi.org/10.2173/nb.thbvir.01