The Key to Scientific Names

Edited by James A. Jobling
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Gr. μελας melas, μελανος melanos  black; ονυξ onux, ονυχος onukhos  nail.


(Anatidae; syn. Anser Taiga Bean Goose A. fabalis) Gr. μελας melas,  μελανος  melanos  black; ονυξ onux, ονυχος onukhos  nail. "Basal half of upper mandible or parts of it, culmen and nails of both mandibles, always black  ...  Genus Melanonyx, Buturlin (1901)  ...  As to the black nails of both mandibles and the black base of the bill, in connection with the coloured band on the bill and the absence of black patches on the under-parts, these characters are quite constant, and sharply distingush the group Melanonyx from all other grey geese." (Alferaki 1905); "Melanonyx Buturlin, 1901, Dikie Gusi Rossiiskoi Imperii, p. 22.  Type, by monotypy, Anas segetum Gmelin, 1789 = Anas fabalis Latham, 1787." (JAJ 2021).

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