The Key to Scientific Names

Edited by James A. Jobling
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(Apodidae; Cassin's Spine-tail Swift N. cassini) Gr. νεος neos  new; L. Afra  African; genus Apus Scopoli, 1777, swift; "The second, C. cassini, differs entirely in coloration, being black above with a smoky throat, white upper tail-coverts and abdomen white, the shafts of the feathers dark.  Structurally, it has very long wings with a very short tail with stiff short spines.  The tail is less than one-fifth the length of the wings.  No close relationship between this and the preceding group is apparent, and I here introduce for it the new name NEAFRAPUS which may, as above, be considered of generic value.   Type Neafrapus cassini (Sclater)." (Mathews 1918); "Neafrapus Mathews, Bds. Australia, vii, p. 264, 1918.  Type by original designation, Chætura cassini P. Scl." (W. Sclater, 1924, Syst. Av. Aethiop., I, p. 263) (see Alterapus and Telacanthura).
Synon. Notafrapus.

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