The Key to Scientific Names

Edited by James A. Jobling
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Gr. συλλαβη sullabē  girdle, belt  < συλλαμβανω sullambanō  to bring together; κυκλος kuklos  ring, circle.
• (Podicipedidae; syn. Podilymbus Pied-billed Grebe P. podiceps)  "Il genere 253. Podiceps può suddividersi in due sottogeneri già indicati nella mia Synopsis degli Uccelli Americani e sono:  1. Podiceps, Nob.   2. Sylbeocyclus, Nob. (typ. Pod. carolinensis.)" (Bonaparte 1832); "Z. PODICIPEÆ.  ...  19. Sylbeocyclus, Bp.  59. podiceps, L. (carolinensis, Br.  ludovicianus, Lath.)   60. antarcticus, Less. (podiceps, Licht.  carolinensis? Spix.  brevirostris? Gr.)   61. lineatus, Cassin." (Bonaparte 1856); "Sylbeocyclus Bonaparte, 1832, Giornale Arcadico, LII, p. 209.  Type, by original designation, Podiceps carolinensis Latham, 1790 = Colymbus podiceps Linnaeus, 1758." (JAJ 2021).
Var. Silbeocyclus, Sylbeocinclus.
• (Podicipedidae; syn. Tachybaptus  Little Grebe T. ruficollis) "GENUS CXXXVIII. SYLBEOCYCLUS. DABCHICK.  This genus differs from Podiceps chiefly in having the body short and full; the bill not so long as the head, moderately stout, tapering, much compressed, and pointed.  ...  The species are extremely active, dive and swim with amazing celerity, and feed on small fishes, aquatic coleoptera, helices, and seeds.   275. SYLBEOCYCLUS EUROPÆUS.  EUROPEAN DABCHICK.  ...  Dobchick.  Dipper.  Little Doucker or Diver.   Colymbus minor, Gmel. Linn. Syst. Nat. i. 591.—Podiceps minor, and Hebridicus, Lath. Ind. Ornith. ii. 784, 785." (Macgillivray 1842); "Sylbeocyclus Macgillivray, Man. Brit. Orn., 2, p. 205, 1842—type, by monotypy, Sylbeocyclus Europaeus Macgillivray = Colymbus minor Gmelin = Colymbus ruficollis Pallas." (Hellmayr and Conover, 1948, Cat. Birds Americas, Pt. I (2), p. 19).

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