The Key to Scientific Names

Edited by James A. Jobling
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L. albus  white, matt white (cf. candidus  glittering white) (see also alba).
● ex “Colibri à queue violette de Cayenne” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 671, fig. 2, “Colibri à queue violette” of de Buffon 1770-1783, and “Violet-tailed Hummingbird” of Latham 1782 (syn. Anthracothorax nigricollis).
● ex “White Eagle” of Charleton 1668, and Latham 1781, “Aquila alba cygnea” of Klein 1750, and “Aigle blanc. Aquila alba” of Brissson 1760 (syn. Aquila chrysaetos).
● ex “Corneille du Sénégal” of de Buffon 1770-1783 (Corvus).
● "77. SCOLOPAX.  ...  alba.  2. S. rostro arcuato, pedibus rubris, corpore albo, alarum apicibus viridibus.  Numenius albus. Catesb. car. I. p. 82. t. 82.  Habitat in America." (Linnaeus 1758) (Eudocimus).
● ex “White Partridge” of Edwards 1743-1751, and Ellis 1748, “Lagopede de la Baye d’Hudson” of de Buffon 1770-1783, and “White Grous” of Latham 1783, and Pennant 1785 (syn. Lagopus muta).
● ex “Ourigourap” of Levaillant 1796, pl. 14 (Namaqua name Ourigourap for the Egyptian Vulture) (syn. Neophron percnopterus).
● ex “Weisser Fasan” of Goetz 1782 (syn. Phasianus colchicus).
● ex “White Gallinule” of Phillip 1789 (‡Porphyrio).
● ex “White Toucan” of Hawkesworth 1769, and “White Hornbill” of Latham 1781 (unident.).

ateralba / ateralbus
L. ater black; albus white.


French name Balbusard for the Osprey  < English bald; French Buse  buzzard  < Old French Buson or Buison  buzzard (syn. Pandion haliaetus).


(Pandionidae; syn. Pandion Osprey P. haliaetus) French name Balbusard for the Osprey  < English bald; French Buse  buzzard  < Old French Buson or Buison buzzard; "GEN. VIII.  BALBUSARDUS, (Pandion of Savigny), OSPREY. —Outer toe capable of having its position and motion reversed, and having a larger claw than the inner toe.    15. B. Haliætus—Wings longer than the tail.  Tarsi short, thick, and reticulated.   Balbusardus, Will. Orn. 37.  Sibb. Scot. 15. — Osprey, Penn. Brit. Zool. i. 174. — Falco Hal. Temm. Orn. i. 47. — W, Pysg Eryr, Gwalch y weilgi; G, Iolair uisge. —Frequents the margins of large rivers and lakes.  ...  Feeds on fish chiefly, darting upon them in the water." (Fleming 1828); "Balbusardus Fleming, 1828, History of British Animals, p. 51.  Substitute name for Pandion de Savigny, 1809." (JAJ 2020).

capitalba / capitalbus

L. capitalis  relating to the head  < caput, capitis  head; albus  white.

nigralba / nigralbus
L. niger black; albus white.
● ex “Soui-manga brun et blanc” of Audebert & Vieillot 1802 (syn. Leptocoma zeylonica).

nigroalba / nigroalbus
L. niger black; albus white.

L. rufus rufous; albus white.


Portmanteau of specific names Lyrurus tetrix (Linnaeus 1758) and Lagopus albus (J. Gmelin 1789) (= syn. Lagopus lagopus) (Björn Bergenholtz in litt.) (Lagopus lagopus x Lyrurus tetrix hybrid).


Portmanteau of specific names Tetrao urogallus Linnaeus 1758 and Tetrao albus J. Gmelin 1789 (= syn. Lagopus lagopus) (Björn Bergenholtz in litt.) (Tetrao urogallus x Lagopus lagopus hybrid).

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