The Key to Scientific Names

Edited by James A. Jobling
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L. chenalopex, chenalopeces  fox-goose  < Gr. χηναλωπηξ khēnalōpēx, χηναλωπεκος khēnalōpekos  fox-goose, generally identified as the Egyptian Goose  < χην khēn, χηνος khēnos  goose; αλωπηξ alōpēx, αλωπεκος alōpekos  fox. "Chenalopex, = Anas ægyptiaca Gm., antiquitati bene cognita, ab Aristotele et Ornithologis plerisque antiquis memoratur. Nomen igitur hoc sensu adhibendum, etsi a Moehringio pessime Alcæ impenni datum; qui mos, nostris temporibus, a multis acceptus est" (Sundevall 1873).
• (Anatidae; syn. Alopochen  Egyptian Goose A. aegyptiaca) "CHENALOPEX. SPURWING.  ... CHENALOPEX Antiquorum.  ... According to Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire, the Spur-wing is the Chenalopex, or Vulpanser of the ancients, which was revered by the Egyptians from the great attachment it has for its young; I have therefore applied that name to the genus.  ... EGYPTIAN SPURWING. (Chenalopex Ægyptiaca.)" (Stephens 1824); "Chenalopex Stephens, 1824, General Zoology (ed. Shaw), XII (II), p. 40.  Type, by monotypy, Chenalopex aegyptiaca, i.e. Anas aegyptiaca Linnaeus, 1766." (JAJ 2021).
Var. Chenelopex, Chenalopen.
‡ (Alcidae; syn. Pinguinus Great Auk P. impennis) "PINGUIN, in 't Latyn Chenalopex.  Magellaanse Gans en Pinguin by CLUSIUS, WORMIUS [“Anser magellanicus”], RAY ["In bigness it comes near to a tame Goose"], WILLUGHBY. Orn. 242.  Onder de Aarsvoeten by LINNÆUS. Syst. Nat. gesl. 52" (Moehring 1758); "CHENALOPEX.  ...  D'un autre côté, Moehring a appliqué le nom de chenalopex, comme terme générique, au grand pingouin, alia [sic] impennis, Linn." (Dumont 1817); "Chenalopex "Moehring" Dumont, 1817, Dict. Sci. Nat., VIII, p. 393.  Type, by monotypy and subsequent designation (G. Gray, 1841, List Genera Birds, ed. 2, p. 97), Alca impennis Linnaeus, 1758." (JAJ 2021).
Var. Chenalopes.

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