The Key to Scientific Names

Edited by James A. Jobling
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● Ed Newton Harrison (1914-2002) US naturalist, wildlife photographer, collector, a founder of Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology 1954 (syn. Catharus dryas ovandensis, subsp. Geositta rufipennis).
● Dr James Maurice Harrison (1892-1971) British ornithologist, taxidermist (syn. Charadrius hiaticula, subsp. Chloris chloris, syn Sitta europaea caesia).
● George Leib Harrison, Jr. (1872-1955) US ornithologist, collector in East Africa 1904 (syn. Cisticola hunteri).
● Colin James Oliver Harrison (1926-2003) English ornithologist (‡Ducula).
● Lt.-Col. James Jonathan Harrison (1858-1923) British Army, big-game hunter, collector in Somalia, Kenya and Abyssinia 1899-1900 (subsp. Eremopterix signatus).
● William John Francis Harrison (1901-1966) Canadian rancher and landowner in Mexico; “I take pleasure in naming this new form in honor of Mr Frank Harrison, who resides at the type locality [Rancho del Cielo, Tamaulipas, Mexico], and who has been unfailingly kind to me and to many of my students and friends who have visited him from time to time” (Sutton 1955) (subsp. Sittasomus griseicapillus).

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