The Key to Scientific Names

Edited by James A. Jobling
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(Anatidaesyn. Melanitta Ϯ Common Scoter M. nigra) Gr. οιδημα oidēma  swelling; "a. Trachea of the male, with a capsular enlargement at the bronchial extremity.  The limbs are short, and placed far behind.  1. Hind toe bordered with a membrane.  Base of the bill enlarged.   201. OIDEMIA *.  Scoter.  Bill swollen at the base, above the nostrils.  Anas nigra and fusca.   ...   *Oιδημα  tumor." (Fleming 1822); "Oidemia Fleming, Philos. Zoöl., 2, 1822, p. 260. Type, by subsequent designation, Anas nigra Linné. (Gray, List. Gen. Bds., 1840, p. 74.)" (Peters, 1931, I, p. 180).
Var. Oedemia, Oidema.

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