Pincoya Storm-Petrel ML84400331
BOW Team February 1, 2024
Join us for the next Birds of the World ‘Discovery Series’ webinar: Date: Thursday, 22 February, 2024 Time: 12:00 PM EST (timezone converter) Length: 1 hour Registration: Required for real-time attendance or to receive video at a later time. Storm-petrels are among the least known seabird species, mostly due to their cryptic and nocturnal habits.
Red-legged Seriema ML39946761
BOW Team January 29, 2024
We are happy to announce that Aves Uruguay, the leading organization for the study and conservation of birds in Uruguay, has joined the Birds of the World alliance, a global network scientists, researchers, institutions, and organizations who are unlocking transformative insights into ornithology by curating and archiving vast amounts of ecological data, observations, maps, and […]
Inca Tern ML417385131
BOW Team January 9, 2024
A medida que Birds of the World se acerca al cierre de nuestro cuarto año (!), tenemos muchas buenas noticias que informar sobre cómo la plataforma se ha expandido y adaptado a nuevas oportunidades. ¡A continuación presentamos más detalles!
Buff-breasted Sandpiper ML265634921
BOW Team January 9, 2024
As Birds of the World inches towards the close of our fourth year (!), we have much good news to report about how the project has developed, expanded, and adapted to new opportunities. Please read on for details!  
Black Falcon ML260691731
BOW Team December 13, 2023
Our next webinar will feature Dr. Steve Debus, an ornithologist and raptor expert from New South Wales, Australia to discuss the Black Falcon, a widespread but uncommon and little-studied raptor endemic to Australia.
Wangi-Wangi White-eye ML202322911
BOW Team November 1, 2023
Three avian taxonomy experts from eBird and Birds of the World convened for a discussion of the recent updates to the eBird/Clements checklist. The team provided an in-depth overview of the 2023 taxonomy updates and recent efforts to standardize bird taxonomy across all major global checklists.
Principe Scops-Owl ML609765428
October 12, 2023
The 2023 annual eBird taxonomy update includes 3 newly-described species, 124 species gained because of splits, and 16 species lost through lumps, resulting in a net gain of 111 species and a new total of 11,017 species worldwide. Please visit eBird for a complete summary of the year’s updates.
October 11, 2023
Mark your calendars for October Big Day—14 October 2023! Big Days are a 24-hour opportunity to celebrate birds near and far.
BOW Team October 6, 2023
Join the Bird, Merlin, and Birds of the World teams at the Feria de Aves Sud América/South American BirdFair from Oct 26 – 29, 2023! The twelfth annual Feria de Aves will be held in the famous Mindo Cloudforest region of Ecuador.
Cornell Post-doc Bryce Robinson handling a Red-tailed Hawk for the Red-tailed Hawk project
BOW Team September 11, 2023
Our 2023-2024 webinar season is stacking up nicely. You can look forward to several fascinating discussions on topics related to taxonomy, phylogeny, storm-petrels, Red-tailed Hawks, and Australia's Black Falcons.