Big News! Merlin Bird ID now identifies birds by sound

The Cornell Lab June 24, 2021
meadowlark image

Big News from the Lab of Ornithology!! Now Merlin Bird ID – a handheld app for your smartphone – will help you ID the birds you hear! Simply hold your phone up, press record, and Merlin will help you ID who’s singing in real time!

Sound ID currently supports 450+ birds in the US and Canada, and will be expanding around the world as our collection of recordings shared by eBird users to the Macaulay Library continues to grow. The Sound ID algorithms need at least 100 recordings for a species that include a variety of sounds to be able to identify that species consistently. Sound ID will be frequently updated as the team trains the computer to recognize more and more bird sounds. You can contribute by recording the common birds in your area, and uploading them with your eBird checklists.

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