BOW DISCOVERY WEBINAR: Hybridization in Birds (March 23)

BOW Team March 6, 2023
Pied x Black Stilt (hybrid)Himantopus leucocephalus x novaezelandiae

Birds of the World continues to evolve. In December, we added a new section of content to species accounts called “Hybridization.” This section dynamically integrates multimedia of known hybrids into species accounts so that the appearance, location, and ecology of these hybrid crosses are available for study and comparison.

Hybrid screenshot from BOW

To demonstrate the power of this new ‘Hybridization’ feature, two Cornell Lab of Ornithology evolutionary biologists will be on hand to discuss this complex phenomenon and how this section may be useful for research. After a short presentation that addresses the relevance of hybridization to biology, taxonomy, conservation, and evolution, Shawn Billerman and Jen Walsh will take your questions.

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Shawn Billerman, Science Editor for Birds of the World.
Shawn has expertise in systematics, taxonomy, and evolutionary biology. As co-author of Bird Families of the World, he has particular interest in higher level taxonomy and speciation. As part of his dissertation research at the University of Wyoming and postdoctoral research at the Lab of Ornithology, Shawn studied hybridization in sapsuckers, towhees, and orioles using genetic data, climate data, and behavior data to understand differences that can lead to the evolution of species.

Jen Walsh, Research Associate at the Cornell Lab.
Jen uses genetic tools to study local adaptation and hybridization in songbirds, with a particular interest in adaptive capacity in response to environmental change. She employs genomic methods to identify patterns of diversification and adaptive potential across ecological gradients, spanning both micro- and macro-geographic scales.

Hope to see you there!

When: THURSDAY, 23 March, 2023
Time: 3:00 pm EST (timezone converter)

Length: 1 hr, 15 min

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