Clements taxonomic update in progress

BOW Team August 16, 2021
Festive CoquetteLophornis chalybeus

Over the next few weeks, the 2021 eBird Clements taxonomic update will progress.  This update, our first since the launch of the Birds of the World website, takes into account recent taxonomic knowledge on splits, lumps, name changes, and changes in the sequence of the species lists. It brings the checklist of the world’s birds from 10,721 to 10,824 species. Details of the update will be released a few weeks from now, but meanwhile, you might notice oddities to Birds of the World as the pieces of this dynamic puzzle come together.

Our contributors and editors are busy lumping and splitting species accounts and creating new content where necessary. All of the assets (maps, illustrations, sounds, photos, and videos) for these accounts will gradually fall into place as the dynamically driven databases that power them (eBird and Macaulay Library) settle out.

This eBird article that highlights the taxonomic changes most likely to affect your life list. This article explains the full 2021 taxonomic update.

We are excited to show you the new taxonomy and hope you’ll be patient with us as we work to make it available.