A new season of 'Birds of the World' Discovery Series webinars

BOW Team September 11, 2023
Cornell Post-doc Bryce Robinson handling a Red-tailed Hawk for the Red-tailed Hawk project
Cornell Post-doc Bryce Robinson handling a Red-tailed Hawk

When we launched the Birds of the World (BOW) Discovery Webinar Series, we weren’t sure if people had the time or appetite for this kind of science information. As it happens, many do. The six webinars we held last year were extremely well attended, each drawing birders and scientists from 60-90 different countries.

We’re soon launching the 2023-2024 series, which begins on 19 October with a webinar called Searching for Lost Birds: How Targeted Expeditions Can Aid Bird Conservation, with special guest John C. Mittermeier of the American Bird Conservancy.

While some details for the rest of the season are still shifting, you can look forward to several fascinating discussions including:

  • NOVEMBER: The annual “What’s New In Taxonomy” episode, a follow-up to the annual eBird/Clements taxonomy update featuring staff/taxonomists from Cornell Lab, including taxonomy expert Pamela Rasmussen, who joined the BOW team in June.
  • DECEMBER: n/a
  • JANUARY: Black Falcons of Australia with raptor expert Dr. Stephen J. S. Debus
  • FEBRUARY: Revealing mysteries on the smallest seabirds: the storm-petrels with Fernando Medrano, the assistant director of the Chilean NGO ROC, and the South American ornithology lead for BOW. He has worked with several species of storm-petrels across the world, and was part of the discovery of the first breeding colonies for several species of storm-petrels in the Atacama Desert.
  • MARCH: The ecology of Red-tailed Hawks by Bryce Robinson, a Cornell University post-doc who studies the ecology and evolution of birds, and is a fantastic ornithological illustrator to boot!
  • APRIL: Phylogeny as a basis for ornithological discovery featuring Eliot Miller from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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We look forward to seeing you all!