eBird taxonomy update coming soon! How to prepare.

October 12, 2023
Principe Scops-OwlOtus bikegila

The 2023 Taxonomy Update is: COMING SOON.

The annual eBird Taxonomy Update is scheduled to begin on 24 October. However, you may notice some changes to your data starting as early as 12 October. During the process, species names may appear in unexpected ways, other records may temporarily become subspecies groups, and your species totals may jump around. Please, don’t adjust your data if you notice this! Wait until the process is complete (eBird will announce it here when it’s done). Contact eBird if you have questions.

Submit all Not Submitted checklists by 23 October. We strongly recommend submitting all “Not Submitted” checklists in eBird Mobile as soon as possible so we can implement the latest taxonomic changes to all of your lists. eBird Mobile may not be able to correctly transition your data if you submit it after the taxonomic update. Open eBird Mobile, tap “Checklists” and submit anything under the “Not Submitted” tab by 23 October.

Our 2023 update includes 3 newly-described species, 124 species gained because of splits, and 16 species lost through lumps, resulting in a net gain of 111 species and a new total of 11,017 species worldwide.

Follow the eBird blog for details! And stay tuned for the Birds of the World Discovery Webinar describing this year’s taxonomy updates.


Photo: Principe Scops-Owl (©Philippe Verbelen) in one of the three new species formally described in this year’s update. Like the others, it had previously appeared eBird as an “undescribed form” but will be updated to a full species with the upcoming update: Principe Scops-Owl (Otus bikegila).