Updates: New and notable species account revisions

BOW Team November 18, 2020
Northern Wheatear (Eurasian)Oenanthe oenanthe oenanthe/libanotica

We’re happy to bring you a long list of newly revised species accounts. Read on for a full list with several notable updates.

The remarkable Northern Wheatear is one of very few passerines that breeds in North America and overwinters in Africa. This comprehensive revision authored by longtime Birds of North America steward, Erica Dunn, featuring work by the late David Hussell, synthesizes deep knowledge with new insights into the biology of a fascinating marathon migrant. It is not to be missed!

Our partners at BirdCount India continue to impress with a steady stream of quality revisions by engaging and scholarly authors. Most recent revisions include the Jungle Prinia, Yellow-billed Babbler, Narcondam Hornbill, and White-tailed Iora accounts.

Fernando Medrano, of our content partner ROC, has been one of the most instrumental figures in the science that put Markham’s Storm-Petrel (literally) back on the map. His revision covers everything that is known about this mysterious and fascinating bird of both deserts and oceans.

The Unicolored Jay account by Tom Webber, and the White-backed Black-Tit by Jason Anderson offer sketches of charismatic, if poorly-known species from Central America, and the highlands of Ethiopia and Eritrea, respectively.

For a virtual island vacation: Javier Brenes paints a vibrant portrait of the Cocos Cuckoo, an endemic of the tiny Isla del Coco off the coast of Costa Rica, while Robert Askins, Michael Akresh, and William Hayes lend their expertise and insight to the West Indian Woodpecker of the Caribbean.

The team is blown away by the Golden Eagle account, written by Todd Katzner, Michael Kochert, Karen Steenhof, Carol McIntyre, Erica Craig, and Tricia Miller. At more than 200 pages and with 750 references, this in-depth exploration of the Golden Eagle details the magnificence of this Holarctic species and the many threats it faces.

We are grateful to the many contributors and groups working to make BOW the best resource possible!

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Black-throated Flowerpiercer  Diglossa brunneiventris
White-eared Catbird  Ailuroedus buccoides
Tan-capped Catbird  Ailuroedus geislerorum
Ochre-breasted Catbird  Ailuroedus stonii
Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer  Diglossa gloriosissima
Olive-striped Flycatcher  Mionectes olivaceus
St. Helena Cuckoo  Nannococcyx psix
White-headed Steamer-Duck  Tachyeres leucocephala
White-lored Gnatcatcher  Polioptila albiloris
Yucatan Gnatcatcher  Polioptila albiventris
Yellow-billed Babbler  Turdoides affinis
Jungle Prinia  Prinia sylvatica
Golden Eagle  Aquila chrysaetos
White-backed Black-Tit  Melaniparus leuconotus
Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove  Turtur chalcospilos
Bohol Sunbird  Aethopyga decorosa
Mountain Sunbird  Aethopyga jefferyi
Metallic-winged Sunbird  Aethopyga pulcherrima
Apo Sunbird  Aethopyga boltoni
Tboli Sunbird  Aethopyga tibolii
Namaqua Dove  Oena capensis
Northern Wheatear  Oenanthe oenanthe
Unicolored Jay  Aphelocoma unicolor
Narcondam Hornbill  Rhyticeros narcondami
Cocos Cuckoo  Coccyzus ferrugineus
White-tailed Iora  Aegithina nigrolutea
Freckled Nightjar  Caprimulgus tristigma
Black Bustard  Eupodotis afra
White-quilled Bustard  Eupodotis afraoides
West Indian Woodpecker  Melanerpes superciliaris
Markham’s Storm-Petrel  Oceanodroma markhami