WEBINAR: Life history of the endemic Black Falcon of Australia by Dr. Steve Debus

BOW Team December 13, 2023
Black FalconFalco subniger

Our next Birds of the World  Discovery Series webinar features Dr. Steve Debus, an ornithologist from New South Wales, Australia and author of The Birds of Prey of Australia, A Field Guide (2019) and Australian Falcons: Ecology, Behaviour and Conservation (2022). Steve has a particular admiration for the Black Falcon, a little-studied Australian endemic which was recently discovered to have genetic ties to the hierofalcons. In his spare time, Steve and a colleague conducted field studies of the Black Falcon, which led to several papers on the breeding biology, behaviour and foraging ecology of the species. Steve recently updated the Birds of the World Black Falcon species account. In this webinar, Steve will relate fascinating details on the life history of this fast and agile raptor.

Date: *** 18 and 19 January ***.  NOTE SPECIAL TIMING. In an effort to schedule an event across time zones, we encourage you to read carefully and triple-check your own timezone converter. We hope our Australian readers will join!

NEW YORK: Thursday, 18 January at 4:00 pm (1600 EST)
LONDON: Thursday, 18 January at 9:00 pm (2100 GMT)
SYDNEY: Friday, 19 January at 8:00 am (0800 AEST).

Length: 1.5 hours
Registration: Required for real-time attendance. Video will be sent to all registrants 5 days post event.