VIDEO: What's New in Avian Taxonomy? 2022 Annual eBird Taxonomy Update

October 24, 2022
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Webinar: What’s New in Avian Taxonomy? Discussion of the 2022 Annual eBird Taxonomy Update
When: Thursday, 10 November
Time: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm EST |  8:30 am PST | 4:30 pm London  |  6:30 am SAST


Join staff from eBird and Birds of the World and special guest Pamela Rasmussen from MSU to learn what’s new in avian taxonomy, especially regarding the recent update to the eBird/Clements checklist which is now showing across all Lab projects including eBird, Macaulay Library, Merlin, and Birds of the World.

Every day, new and fascinating discoveries are made by birders and ornithologists. Technological advances are helping us learn more about bird species around the world, from eBird reports of a species outside its known range to more complete understandings of genetic relationships among bird species.

The team will discuss why annual taxonomy updates are necessary and how names are settled upon by the international Working Group Avian Checklists (WGAC). They will also discuss recent efforts to standardize bird taxonomy across all major global checklists.

Finally, the team will highlight a few interesting taxonomic shifts and discuss what changes are most likely to affect your life list. Bring your questions – or – submit them in advance to


  • Marshall Iliff
  • Tom Schulenberg
  • Shawn Billerman
  • Brian Sullivan
  • Pamela Rasmussen from Michigan State University

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