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Santa Marta Sabrewing ML616560744
March 27, 2024
Located in the isolated Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains of northern Colombia, little has been known about the species as it was lost to science for 64 years before being photographed once in 2010, only to become lost again before its rediscovery in 2022 by Yurgen Vega, one of the authors of the new study.
Buff-breasted Sandpiper ML265634921
BOW Team January 9, 2024
As Birds of the World inches towards the close of our fourth year (!), we have much good news to report about how the project has developed, expanded, and adapted to new opportunities. Please read on for details!  
Wangi-Wangi White-eye ML202322911
BOW Team November 1, 2023
Three avian taxonomy experts from eBird and Birds of the World convened for a discussion of the recent updates to the eBird/Clements checklist. The team provided an in-depth overview of the 2023 taxonomy updates and recent efforts to standardize bird taxonomy across all major global checklists.
eBird abudance map for Boat-billed Flycatcher
BOW Team March 30, 2023
This BOW Discovery Webinar goes behind the scenes to help users understand how eBird Status & Trends products are made and how they are being applied in research and conservation. Ornithologists and conservation practitioners are especially welcome!
Red-billed Streamertail ML161908821
BOW Team March 20, 2023
The new “Hybridization” sections on each species account include multimedia of known hybrids along with narrative content about the ecology, evolution, and conservation of the parent species.
Pied x Black Stilt (hybrid) ML468444851
BOW Team March 6, 2023
Thanks for joining us for our webinar, Hybridization in Birds. If you’d like to revisit the presentation, or if you missed it the first time, you can watch the recording here. In December, we added a new section of content to species accounts called “Hybridization.” This section dynamically integrates multimedia of known hybrids into species accounts […]
Kinglet Calyptura
February 3, 2023
Thanks for joining us for our webinar, Kinglet Calyptura – The Lost Jewel of the Atlantic Forest by Guy Kirwan on 15 February. If you’d like to revisit Guy’s presentation, or if you missed it the first time, you can watch the recording here.
Red-tailed Hawk (borealis) ML511288161
BOW Team December 12, 2022
Peter Pyle has spent his career trying to understand and document bird molts and plumages. In this webinar, Peter will present a crash course in molt and discuss the many things one can learn from its close examination.
Cornell Lab of Ornithology October 12, 2022
In the United States, the State of the Birds report released today reveals a tale of two trends, one hopeful, one dire. Long-term trends of waterfowl show strong increases where investments in wetland conservation have improved conditions for birds and people.
José Luis Copete July 29, 2021
A new species of Melanocharis berrypecker (Melanocharitidae) was discovered during a recent ornithological expedition to the Kumawa Mountains in West Papua, in the cloud forest at an elevation of 1200 m. It has been named Satin Berrypecker (Melanocharis citreola)