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Inca Tern ML417385131
BOW Team January 9, 2024
A medida que Birds of the World se acerca al cierre de nuestro cuarto año (!), tenemos muchas buenas noticias que informar sobre cómo la plataforma se ha expandido y adaptado a nuevas oportunidades. ¡A continuación presentamos más detalles!
Buff-breasted Sandpiper ML265634921
BOW Team January 9, 2024
As Birds of the World inches towards the close of our fourth year (!), we have much good news to report about how the project has developed, expanded, and adapted to new opportunities. Please read on for details!  
Wangi-Wangi White-eye ML202322911
BOW Team November 1, 2023
Three avian taxonomy experts from eBird and Birds of the World convened for a discussion of the recent updates to the eBird/Clements checklist. The team provided an in-depth overview of the 2023 taxonomy updates and recent efforts to standardize bird taxonomy across all major global checklists.
Roberts 8 species account: South African Shelduck
BOW Team May 30, 2023
Thanks to a unique publishing partnership with the John Voelcker Bird Book Fund (JVBBF), the entire "Roberts 8" revision project will be published online at Birds of the World.
Red-billed Streamertail ML161908821
BOW Team March 20, 2023
The new “Hybridization” sections on each species account include multimedia of known hybrids along with narrative content about the ecology, evolution, and conservation of the parent species.
Black-and-chestnut Eagle in flight, Peru. © Tomás Rivas Fuenzalida | Fundación Ñankulafkén
BOW Team November 24, 2022
In this all-new, comprehensive review for Birds of the World, authors Tomás Rivas-Fuenzalida, Juan Manuel Grande, Sebastián Kohn, Félix Hernán Vargas and Santiago Zuluaga Castañeda update the status of knowledge of the species, including unpublished information and works in preparation.
Barn Swallow abundance map
BOW Team January 1, 2022
The power of Birds of the World lies in its ability to synthesize data, science, multimedia, and maps from a variety of sources to reveal the most complete and accurate picture of birdlife possible. A growing network of contributors, scientists, and editors are constantly working behind the scenes to expand and integrate this knowledge into […]
Desert Owl (Strix hadorami) by Jens Eriksen (ML63556211)
BOW Team August 19, 2021
Why is each species named what it is? And what do these names reveal about the birds themselves?
Festive Coquette ML256101871
BOW Team August 16, 2021
Over the next few weeks, the 2021 eBird Clements taxonomic update will progress.  This update, our first since the launch of the Birds of the World website, takes into account recent taxonomic knowledge on splits, lumps, name changes, and changes in the sequence of the species lists.
Golden Bush-Robin ML377273751
Team Macaulay Library January 1, 2021
Expect to see a stunning new collection of Asian bird images show up in Birds of the World. The Cornell Lab's Macaulay Library is excited to be able to provide a new home to the Oriental Bird Club Image Database, and has committed to preserving the OBI collection for future generations.