BOW Team December 21, 2020
Birds of the World just released the new Taxonomy Explorer, a feature that checks two big items off our collective wish list: regional filters and visual family index. The tool provides limitless exploration of Birds of the World and will be extremely helpful for research, birding, and teaching about birds.
Shawn Billerman August 10, 2020
Waterfowl taxonomy is notoriously challenging, in part owing to morphological similarities between and within groups that can obscure patterns of divergence (Mowbray et al. 2020).
Tom Schulenberg May 4, 2020
Neotropical ornithologist Tom Schulenberg recounts his first sighting of a Scytalopus tapaculo in southern Peru and discusses a long-term, collaborative project to resolve the phylogeny of the tapaculos: that is, to determine how the ever-expanding roster of tapaculos are related to each other
Shawn Billerman January 20, 2020
One of the most exciting features in Birds of the World is the new Bird Families of the World Explorer, which provides visual and interactive overviews of all 249 bird families along with in-depth summaries of recent scientific literature of the relationships of each family.
Team BOW December 25, 2019
Birds of the World had its origins in three separate projects and each differed, to a greater or a lesser degree, in taxonomy. This article explains how we applied a single taxonomy, the eBird/Clements Checklist (Clements), across all of its content and explains our attempts to align the BirdLife/HBW taxonomy with that of Clements.