BOW Authors April 21, 2020
Our round up of latest revisions includes: Heermann's Gull, Western Reef-Heron, Kashmir Nutracker, Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo, Green Manakin, Chivi Vireo, and Red-throated Loon
BOW Authors April 16, 2020
Catch up on these recently updated species accounts: White-crowned Manakin, Black-faced Dacnis, Orange Bullfinch, and Restinga Tyrannulet.
Guy M. Kirwan ‖ Manuel Schweizer April 13, 2020
Recent genetic research attempts to crack one of the greatest ornithological mysteries: the identity of a nightjar known only from a single specimen collected in 1929 in extreme north-west China.
BOW Authors April 10, 2020
Catch up on these recently updated species accounts: Pinyon Jay, Bare-faced Curassow, and Tricolored and White-winged Brushfinch.
Team BOW April 9, 2020
We just released three new features for Birds of the World including: access to the “Ornithological Notes,” as formerly published in HBW Alive tools for seeing species common names in additional languages ‘Surprise me’ – a fun way to explore the species available in Birds of the World. And of course, we regularly release revised […]
Shawn Billerman April 1, 2020
Early this year, the ornithological world was rocked when Frank Rheindt and colleagues published a paper in which they described five entirely new species of birds, and five new subspecies of birds, all from several small islands near Sulawesi, Indonesia (Rheindt et al. 2020).
Team BOW January 29, 2020
Welcome to Birds of the World, a powerful new resource that brings together scholarly content from four celebrated works of ornithology, allowing you to explore the remarkable diversity of birds! 
John Fitzpatrick January 26, 2020
A brief note on the release and history of Birds of the World by John Fitzpatrick, Director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
Josep del Hoyo January 23, 2020
Josep del Hoyo, co-founder of Lynx Edicions and Senior Editor of Handbook of Birds of the World, sends words of welcome as HBW Alive finds a new home.
Shawn Billerman January 20, 2020
One of the most exciting features in Birds of the World is the new Bird Families of the World Explorer, which provides visual and interactive overviews of all 249 bird families along with in-depth summaries of recent scientific literature of the relationships of each family.