Crimson-collared Tanager Ramphocelus sanguinolentus

Ragupathy Kannan, Anant Deshwal, Pooja Panwar, Steven Hilty, and Eduardo de Juana
Version: 2.0 — Published May 7, 2020

Demography and Populations

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Demography and Populations

Very little information. The relative abundance of Crimson-collared Tanager is assessed as fairly common to common in Mexico (14) and Panama (1), although only as uncommon to locally common in Costa Rica (9), but there are no quantitative data on population densities or population trends.

Measures of Breeding Activity

No information.

Life Span and Survivorship

No information.

Disease and Body Parasites

Very limited information, though one individual collected in Panama was infected by a parasite similar to Plasmodium vaughani and microfilariae (38).

Causes of Mortality

No information.

Recommended Citation

Kannan, R., A. Deshwal, P. Panwar, S. Hilty, and E. de Juana (2020). Crimson-collared Tanager (Ramphocelus sanguinolentus), version 2.0. In Birds of the World (T. S. Schulenberg, S. M. Billerman, and B. K. Keeney, Editors). Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA. https://doi.org/10.2173/bow.crctan1.02