Crested Fireback Lophura ignita Scientific name definitions

Guy M. Kirwan, Josep del Hoyo, Philip J. K. McGowan, Nigel Collar, David Christie, and Peter F. D. Boesman
Version: 2.0 — Published September 24, 2021

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Photos from this Account

Male (Malay)
Male (Bornean)
Male and female (Malay)
Female (Bornean)
Female (Malay)
Male (Bornean)
Male display (Bornean)
Male and female (Malay)
Adult female lateral view (subspecies nobilis).

Head is dull chestnut and sports an erect, dark chestnut crest comprising racquet-shaped feathers; throat is white and the upper breast is dark chestnut with white streaks, becoming broader (giving a more scalloped effect) on the lower underparts.

Adult female frontal view (subspecies nobilis).
Female ventral view (subspecies nobilis).
Adult male frontal view (subspecies nobilis).

Dark blue head bears an erect, dark blue crest comprising bare-shafted, racket-shaped feathers; throat and upper breast are glossy blue-black, contrasting sharply with the bright coppery chestnut lower breast and belly.

Adult male lateral view (subspecies nobilis).

Upperparts are glossy dark blue and the wing-coverts have iridescent blue fringes.

Adult male ventral view (subspecies nobilis).
Adult male lateral view (subspecies nobilis).
Adult male showing head detail (subspecies rufa).
Male lateral view (subspecies rufa).
Male dorsal view (subspecies rufa).
Male frontal view (subspecies rufa).
Female lateral view (subspecies rufa).
Female frontal view (subspecies rufa).
Female frontal view (subspecies rufa).
Male lateral view (subspecies nobilis).
Female lateral view (subspecies nobilis).
Male lateral view (subspecies nobilis).

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Recommended Citation

Kirwan, G. M., J. del Hoyo, P. J. K. McGowan, N. Collar, D. A. Christie, and P. F. D. Boesman (2021). Crested Fireback (Lophura ignita), version 2.0. In Birds of the World (B. K. Keeney, Editor). Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA. https://doi.org/10.2173/bow.crefir1.02