- Moluccan Scops-Owl (Wetar)
 - Moluccan Scops-Owl (Wetar)
 - Moluccan Scops-Owl (Moluccan)
 - Moluccan Scops-Owl (Moluccan)

Moluccan Scops-Owl Otus magicus Scientific name definitions

Guy M. Kirwan, Denver W. Holt, Josep del Hoyo, Nigel Collar, Regan Berkley, Caroline Deppe, Paula L. Enríquez, Julie L. Petersen, José Luis Rangel Salazar, Kelley P. Segars, and Kristin L. Wood
Version: 2.0 — Published March 5, 2022
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A mid-sized scops-owl with mottled upperparts, streaked underparts and vivid yellow eyes, the Moluccan Scops-Owl (Otus magicus) is rather widespread throughout the Indonesian Moluccas, and comprises seven subspecies that principally differ in size and general coloration. Despite this broad distribution (covering no fewer than 13 main islands), almost nothing of its biology and ecology is known, with few breeding data, and no detailed information on its diet or molt. All of its subspecies, however, are considered rather common in their range and appear to be adaptable to some levels of forest degradation. Its taxonomy continues to prove controversial, with a recent trend to split taxon tempestatis of Wetar as a separate species (i.e., the Wetar Scops-Owl) on account of its very distinctive vocalizations. There is also uncertainty over the best placement of the taxon kalidupae of the Tukangbesi Islands, off southeastern Sulawesi: herein it is considered a subspecies of the Sulawesi Scops-Owl (Otus manadensis), although very recently published bioacoustic data suggest that it is most appropriately recognized as an eighth subspecies of the Moluccan Scops-Owl.

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Kirwan, G. M., D. W. Holt, J. del Hoyo, N. Collar, R. Berkley, C. Deppe, P. L. Enríquez, J. L. Petersen, J. L. Rangel Salazar, K. P. Segars, and K. L. Wood (2022). Moluccan Scops-Owl (Otus magicus), version 2.0. In Birds of the World (B. K. Keeney and P. N. Maleko, Editors). Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA. https://doi.org/10.2173/bow.mosowl1.02