Mrs. Moreau's Warbler Scepomycter winifredae Scientific name definitions

Flemming P. Jensen
Version: 2.1 — Published March 3, 2023

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Adult (Rubeho)
Adult (Mrs. Moreau's)
Adult (Mrs. Moreau's)
Adult (subspecies rubehoensis).
Mrs. Moreau's Warbler
Possible confusion species: African Tailorbird.

In comparison to Mrs. Moreau's Warbler, the African Tailorbird is smaller, has a reddish-brown hood (crown, throat, and upper breast), a whitish throat, and a less solidly gray body.

Possible confusion species: Chapin's Apalis.

Chapin's Apalis smaller and more slender than Mrs. Moreau's Warbler, with a longer tail, less contrast between the rufous hood and the gray body, and a lighter throat (subspecies chapini).

Formative or Definitive Basic Mrs. Moreau.s Warbler (subspecies winifredae).

The broad and squared rectrices indicate a previous complete molt and definitive basic plumage, or formative plumage if the preformative molt can be complete, in which case these two plumages may be inseparable. This bird may be undergoing molt resulting in worn and fresher appearing underpart feathers.

Adult ventral view (winifredae).

Note the subtle mottling on the underparts.

Adult dorsal view (winifredae).
Adult lateral view (rubehoensis).

Note chestnut crown

Adult frontal view (rubehoensis).
Adult lateral view (rubehoensis).
Habitat;  Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania (subspecies winifredae).

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