Slate-throated Redstart Myioborus miniatus Scientific name definitions

William D. Harrod and Ronald L. Mumme
Version: 2.0 — Published July 29, 2022

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Bird spreading its tail (subspecies miniatus).
Fledgling (subspecies ballux).

Recently fledged young lack the chestnut crown patch; the head is sooty gray, the upperparts are grayish brown.

Adult lateral view (subspecies miniatus).

Face and throat blackish gray; crown gray, with central chestnut or tawny patch; upperparts dark grayish black.

Adult frontal view (subspecies miniatus).

Wing feathers and central rectrices black, but the outer 2-4 rectrices broadly tipped in white; breast and belly dark vermilion red.

Adult dorsal view (subspecies miniatus).
Ventral view (subspecies miniatus).
Adult lateral view (subspecies miniatus).
Adult lateral view (subspecies comptus).

Face in bright light conditions, showing brown iris.

Subspecies miniatus.
Subspecies intermedius.
Subspecies hellmayri.
Subspecies connectens.
Subspecies comptus.
Subspecies aurantiacus.
Subspecies ballux.
Subspecies sanctaemartae.
Subspecies pallidiventris.
Subspecies subsimilis.
Subspecies verticalis.
Lateral view (subspecies miniatus).
Frontal view (subspecies miniatus).
Dorsal view (subspecies miniatus).
Lateral view (subspecies intermedius).
Dorsal view (subspecies intermedius).
Ventral view (subspecies intermedius).
Frontal view (subspecies intermedius).
Lateral view (subspecies hellmayri).
Lateral view (subspecies hellmayri).
Lateral view (subspecies connectens).
Ventral view (subspecies connectens).
Frontal view (subspecies connectens).
Lateral view (subspecies comptus).
Dorsal view (subspecies comptus).
Frontal view (subspecies comptus).
Lateral view (subspecies aurantiacus).
Frontal view (subspecies aurantiacus).
Ventral view (subspecies aurantiacus).
Lateral view (subspecies ballux).
Ventral view (subspecies ballux).
Dorsal view (subspecies ballux).
Lateral view (subspecies ballux).
Lateral view (subspecies sanctaemartae).
Dorsal view (subspecies sanctaemartae).
Ventral view (subspecies sanctaemartae).
Dorsal view (subspecies sanctaemartae).
Lateral view (subspecies pallidiventris).
Ventral view (subspecies pallidiventris).
Dorsal view (subspecies pallidiventris).
Lateral view (subspecies subsimilis).
Dorsal view (subspecies subsimilis).
Lateral view (subspecies verticalis).
Frontal view (subspecies verticalis).
Ventral view (subspecies verticalis).
Frontal view (subspecies verticalis).
Bird in its habitat; Veracruz, Mexico.
Bird in its habitat; Veracruz, Mexico.
Bird in its habitat; Santa Ana, El Salvador.
Bird in its habitat; Puntarenas, Costa Rica.
Bird in its habitat; Valle del Cauca, Colombia.
Bird in its habitat; Roraima, Brazil.
Lateral view of bird spreading its tail.

Commonly flares its tail to reveal white patches on outer tail feathers, which flushes insects that are then chased and captured.

Bird feeding on butterfly.
Adult collecting nest material; April, Risaralda, Colombia.
Nest with eggs; August, Nariño, Colombia.
Chicks at nest; March, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.
Nest; general view.
Bird at nest entrance.
Nest with two eggs.
Adult incubating.
Two hatchlings at about 1–2 days old, with natal down.
Chicks at nest; wing feathers bursting from sheaths.
Adult with food for nestlings.

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Harrod, W. D. and R. L. Mumme (2022). Slate-throated Redstart (Myioborus miniatus), version 2.0. In Birds of the World (S. M. Billerman, Editor). Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA. https://doi.org/10.2173/bow.sltred.02