Spix's Macaw Cyanopsitta spixii Scientific name definitions

Christopher J. Sharpe, Guy M. Kirwan, Nigel Collar, and Peter F. D. Boesman
Version: 2.1 — Published June 27, 2022

Movements and Migration


Reports of the species from other habitats and areas are mostly likely to be misidentifications (13), but some nomadism may have occurred in cases where nesting habitat was cleared and birds, unlimited by food availability, wandered in search of alternative areas to breed in (17, 18, 27). Moreover, some wandering in response to rainfall appears to have taken place, with (e.g.) birds absent from their known breeding area from December 1986 to March 1987, reappearing when rains began (17, 31). The last wild bird sometimes disappeared for days or even weeks from its favored area.

Recommended Citation

Sharpe, C. J., G. M. Kirwan, N. Collar, and P. F. D. Boesman (2022). Spix's Macaw (Cyanopsitta spixii), version 2.1. In Birds of the World (G. M. Kirwan, Editor). Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA. https://doi.org/10.2173/bow.spimac1.02.1