Requesting media files

Media files include: maps, photographs, figures, audio and video files.

You must obtain permission directly from Birds of the World/Macaulay Library in order to use any of our content in any fashion whatsoever. Some of our content has been licensed for one-time usage, so we may not have permission to distribute or allow you to use. In these instances, you will need to contact the content creator directly to request the image itself and permission for usage.

Macaulay Library assets

If you wish to obtain and use a photo, video or audio recording for any purpose, first verify from what source the audio and/or video content is derived.  Most, but not all, of our photo, audio and video content comes directly from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Macaulay Library.  If the data for the photo, audio or video file shows that the content is from Macaulay Library, then contact the Macaulay Library directly. They can be reached at 607-254-2456 or by emailing:


If you are interested in using an illustration or a map that you’ve seen on the website, please contact our sales manager at with a list of maps you wish to use and for what purpose. We have the right to license most of our maps but not all. We charge a small fee for each map and ask you to sign a usage agreement.