Birds of the World Digital Access Scholarships

BOW LogoBirds of the World aims to build a global community of scientists, researchers, and media contributors working across the world to research and conserve bird populations.

Thanks to the generosity of Cornell Lab donors, Birds of the World Digital Access Scholarships provide complimentary access to certain user groups. As of early 2021, qualifying user groups include Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators and Educators, regular contributors to the Cornell Lab, and individuals who cannot afford the resource on their own (preference will be given to applicants from less-developed countries who are engaged in ornithological education, research, stewardship, conservation, or related fields).

Each scholarship application will be reviewed by Lab staff and is valid to qualifying users for two years.

To apply for a digital access scholarship, please fill out this form.


Note: If you’d like to help the Cornell Lab of Ornithology support this scholarship program, please contact us.