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Birds of the World is a powerful electronic research database featuring comprehensive life histories of more than 11,000 bird species and overviews of all 251 bird families. With scholarly content amassed from four celebrated works of ornithology and ongoing updates by leading ornithologists, these species accounts are integrated with millions of bird records from eBird and rich media resources from the Macaulay Library. Birds of the World provides scientists, students, conservationists, and birders with a sharp picture of the biology of the world’s birds.

Birds of the World is available in public and academic libraries as well as in government agenciesconsulting firmsnature centers, and nonprofits in more than a forty countries and used by .

The Cornell Lab offers flexible pricing and access arrangements that allow all or designated members of an institution complete access to Birds of the World species accounts. Pricing depends upon the type and size of the institution/organization, the nature of use, and the number of potential users. Access is typically granted by IP address ranges or remote username and password.

Enrollment begins by filling out the quote request form. Upon acceptance of the quote, customers will be sent an enrollment form and content license agreement.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology participates in the SERU registry as a publisher. In lieu of a separate license agreement, both registered parties can agree to follow the SERU guidelines, as published at the NISO SERU website. This will streamline and accelerate the licensing process.

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