BOW welcomes Aves Uruguay as content partner

BOW Team January 29, 2024
Red-legged SeriemaCariama cristata

Logo Aves UruguayWe are happy to announce that Aves Uruguay, the leading organization for the study and conservation of birds in Uruguay, has joined the Birds of the World alliance, a global network scientists, researchers, institutions, and organizations who are unlocking transformative insights into ornithology by curating and archiving vast amounts of ecological data, observations, maps, and multimedia for every bird species in the world on a single, widely available platform where it may be leveraged by anyone for global research and conservation

Aves Uruguay is a non-governmental organization founded in 1987, with the mission of promoting the knowledge, appreciation and protection of birds and their habitats in Uruguay. Aves Uruguay is a membership institution that engages people in various activities, such as birdwatching, citizen science, research, education, and advocacy.

By linking arms with Birds of the World, Aves Uruguay will activate a team of writers to contribute data and expertise to the Birds of the World platform. Their involvement will help Birds of the World reflect deeper, more inclusive regional expertise and help advance local conservation. In return, Aves Uruguay will be part of an expanding global conservation network, curate and archive data and multimedia as explained above, surface local and indigenous knowledge of the birds of Uruguay, and unlock free access to Birds of the World throughout all of Uruguay. 

That’s correct, thanks to this partnership, Birds of the World is now free-of-charge to everyone in Uruguay! This includes in-depth ornithology content on every species as well as embedded features such as the Taxonomy Explorer, photos and maps of subspecies and hybrids, a scientifically curated multimedia library, links to eBird sightings, scientific citations, and much more. 

If you live in Uruguay, you should not miss this unique opportunity. Just go to and click Sign In; sign in with your existing eBird account or create a new account. If you prefer to read common bird names in Spanish, change the translation settings in Preferences. Sign in every time you visit, and find endless opportunities for learning! 

We are excited by this new partnership with Aves Uruguay, and encourage you to visit Aves Uruguay’s website and to support their work and projects. We are sure that this alliance will bring benefits and opportunities for both organizations and of course, for birds!

Birds of the World has a singular and ambitious goal: be the definitive resource for the collected knowledge of every bird species in the world. Thanks to partners like American Ornithological Society, Bird Count India, SAVE Brasil, Roberts 8, and now Aves Uruguay, it’s well on its way.

Welcome, Aves Uruguay, to the Birds of the World alliance!